Slow Fashion in bergen

Scene for Clothing Swap Bergen, September 2022.
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March 3

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We can always use an extra pair of hands at our events. Find out what volunteering at Clothing Swap Bergen entails through the link below.


We have developed a series of activities that we can host at any location and we’re always open to collaborations. Are you interested in any of the following activities, or do you have other plans we can contribute to? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through


Want to organize a swap event? We’re here to help. We will bring everything you need –  clothing, racks, changing rooms and more!

Slow Fashion Event

This event is perfectly suited for junior- or youth clubs. We bring a bunch of clothes for swapping, put up a repair corner and have several fun upcycling activities.

Repair Workshop

Knowledge on how to repair clothes has largely disappeared. We’re on a mission to bring it back! We will bring all the equipment and materials needed and will teach your guests how to repair their clothes themselves.


Clothing Swap Bergen organises large-scale swapping events, repair cafes and upcycling workshops. We believe that sustainable fashion is for everyone and help you share and take care of the clothes you already own.

Other Projects

CSB Sewing Club

The CSB sewing club consists of a group of sewing enthusiasts that get together monthly. Its goal is to create a social and low-treshold environment for sewing and skill sharing. Everybody works on their own projects and helps each other when needed. More info coming soon.

CSB Rag Weave Studio

One of CSB’s most important goals is to contribute to a circular fashion chain. Some of the clothing that is handed in at the swaps is of such low quality that it is unsuitable for swapping or repairing. In the CSB Rag Weave Studio, these rags are repurposed to create new items.


Clothing Swap Bergen is a developing non-profit and strongly dependent on funding and donations. We are working towards making CSB an economically sustainable organisation and could really use your help doing so. If you have the financial possibility and want to support a local environmental organisation, please feel free to make a donation via Vipps. Thank you very much!