Join In

Clothing Swap Bergen can always use an extra pair of hands. As a volunteer, you play an important role before and during our events. We’ll find a task that suits you and you’ll be guided along the way. You could be doing anything from taking in and sorting through the clothes that people bring, to helping out at the repair café or taking pictures. You can also join sorting days where we go through our stock, help us spread the news about upcoming events or support any of the exciting collaborations we have going on.

This is in it for you

The CSB team is like no other and consists of a diverse group of people of different ages and backgrounds, all united by a shared love for sustainable fashion. We get together for official meetings twice a year. At these meetings, the volunteers get to have a say in how CSB is run, by advising the board on decisions and sharing any feedback or ideas that they might have. In addition, there are a bunch of social gatherings and fun activities throughout the year that volunteers can join. When you volunteer at a swap, you always get to pick out two regular items of clothing for free (on top of any swap-points you might have), and you will be served super yummy food. Volunteers get to decide for themselves how often and at which events they would like to help out. They also get a discount for any extra activities we organise, such as the CSB Sewing Club.

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