The Clothing Loop

We are introducing local swapping, all year round: meet the Clothing Loop This initiative offers an easy way for people to swap clothes with others in their own neighborhood. The idea is simple: bags filled with clothes travel along a route past all participants in a neighborhood. When the bag arrives at your place, you take out what you like and put back what you do not wear anymore. Then you drop it off at the next person in the loop. HOW DOES IT WORK? – Go to and find a loop – Join the loop you want to be part of – The host of your local Loop will add you to the route as soon as possible. After that, it is only a matter of time before the first bag will arrive! 👉 Clothing Swap Bergen has set up 3 loops to get started. Two in Sandviken and one in Landås. Landås plus size loop: sign up here Sandviken plus size loop: sign up here Sandviken Kids Loop: sign up here 👉Ideas for your own loop? You easily start a new loop on the website. If you need some help, send us a message!